Portland, Maine

Hidden in the northeast corner of Portland, Maine, the members of Pinsky have quietly been making not-so-quiet emo music for the last 7 years.  With 2008's Two for the Road and 2011's Losing Touch, the band drew comparisons to Hot Rod Circuit, Braid and Taking Back Sunday.  Weekends touts the emergence of a group that has outgrown comparisons and has grown into their own full-throated sound.  For the four friends that make up Pinsky, it's a fitting farewell.

For those who are unaware, Pinsky announced in March of 2012 that they would be breaking up - but not before recording some final songs with Brian McTernan (Thrice, the Movielife) at Salad Days Studio in Baltimore, Maryland.  The resulting songs are as much an introspective reflection as they are a celebration.  To put it plainly, this is the finest music they've made to date.

The members of Pinsky have always thrived on the support of friends and family, and they've never taken that support for granted. At its heart, Weekends is an open letter to anyone who has come along for the ride, punctuated with a "Sincerely" and "Thank You".